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If you're an aspiring author I can highly recommend Holly Lisle's site. You'll find a plethora of courses there, from the completely free 'How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't Suck', to the more expensive (but totally worth it!) 'How to Think Sideways' and 'How to Revise Your Novel'. There are short courses on character development, world building, alien language development, plotting and scene development, each for less than a tenner. There's also the excellent 'Mugging the Muse', a collection of articles on various aspects of writing and getting your book published.  (Just to let you know, Holly's site is one of the very, very few I'm affiliated with. Not because I'm hoping to get rich from commissions, but because hers are just about the only writing courses I've come across that I'd be willing to endorse wholeheartedly.)

I absolutely love Holly's courses. They're hard work, but absolutely worth it. My first revision of 'Once a Thief' was pretty good, even if I say so myself, but after running it through 'How to Revise Your Novel' it improved to a point where now a talent scout has asked to see it. (A reputable one. I checked!)


The first draft of 'Once a Thief' took me over two years to write, partly because I didn't know how to properly outline a novel, partly because of life getting in the way. Then I came across the concept of 'Novel inna month'. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which runs each year in November, throws down the gauntlet of writing a 50.000 word novel in 30 days. Thoroughly grueling fun, organised by the great people at the Office of Letters and Light. Also available are Camp NaNoWriMo - novel inna month in April and July - and the Young Writer's Program, which doesn't require 50.000 words to win, for kids and teens.


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From time to time I may come across a product that I think is great, and that I want others to know about. If the vendor happens to have an affiliate program, then I might join it and use my affiliate links to point you to their site. That way I'll earn a little extra by way of commissions. Be assured that I will never, ever recommend anything I don't love and use myself.


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